London Burger King Plays Africa by Toto

I bless the rains down in...London?!? 

The song "Africa" by Toto has become a massive hit on the internet. This nearly 35 year old track is the one thing that the people of the world can come together and unabashedly adore. Everyone seems to be obsessed with the 4 minute and 55 second cheesy song, and that also includes fast food chains. 

It's going to take a lot to drag me away from Burger King... That's right...Burger King shares the love of the worst best song of all time.

Just a few days ago Burger King UK tweeted that if they get 1 thousand tweets they'll play Africa ALL DAY.


People immediately went crazy for this.


And guess what? The tweet got more than 6 thousand retweets. The UK fast food chain ended up playing the song in Camden.


This is the most internet thing in the history of the internet. BUT WAIT there's more! 

Guess who responded to the tweet!!!! THE LEGENDS TOTO THEMSELVES!


THIS BURGER KING HAS PEAKED! THERE IS NOWHERE ELSE TO GO! Everyone is obsessed with this song. Even Weezer did a cover of Africa. BTW this cover has more than 7 million views on YouTube! Check that out below!



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