Are Beyonce & Jay-Z Investors in Corona??

It's no secret that your favorite artists are brand ambassadors for some of the biggest fashion designers and products out there. If you take a look at the latest DJ Khaled video for "No Brainer" it is sprinkled with various product placement shots. There might be a little something going on with Corona & the first family of hip-hop...Beyonce & Jay-Z! Let's dig into this real quick...

Jay-Z & Beyonce

In June, when The Carters dropped their joint album, Everything Is Love the first song ‘Summertime’, the couple recount their sexscapades in the Summer as if they were in scene of a Corona commercial with Jay-Z describing his wife as her favorite beverage,  “She taste like Corona Light—sweet/Even the lime gotta squeeze.” Then two weeks later, Beyonce posted a pic on her Instagram account just chillin' on the stairs next to her hubby with a bottle of Corona by her side.

Is that a coincidence?? What about when in 2014 when rumors were swirling that Beyonce was pregnant & she shut down the rumors by posting a photo of her with her sister Solange & sipping a Corona Light. 

Lastly there's this...what about the advertisement for Beyonce & Jay-Z's new album in New York's Times Square, which is cleverly positioned next to a giant Corona billboard...kinda looks like there's something going on if you ask me!!



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