Can You Do the #DeleChallenge????

If you can get this on the first're some sort of wizard who belongs at Hogwarts!! Dele Alli is the midfielder of Tottenham Hotspur's soccer (you might say football, but whatevs) team & his celebration has people freaking out!!

Like most viral challenges, Alli's celebration looks simple at first glance — like an upside down "OK" gesture — but it's infuriatingly difficult to master.


You figure it out??? Over the past few days it seems like we've all but forgotten about the #InMyFeelingsChallenge and are now trying to master the #DeleChallenge. And to be honest, it's WAY safer (it might give your hand a cramp), but WAY more complicated. Can you master it??? Here it is one more time...


People have been trying their hardest to figure this hand sorcery out...



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