Have You Seen a Cell Phone Bill of Over $13,000??

I'm glad I have that unlimited plan that lets me travel without getting charged random extra fees. A San Jose, California family found out the hard way that cell phones and international travel can be a son of a b.

The Chung family just came back from a family reunion in Vietnam. When they opened their mail, they discovered a cell phone bill from T-Mobile for $13,470!! The charges were for internet access on her son's iPhone. Vivian Chung said there's no way this could be true because the phone was on airplane mode. The charge happened in a half-hour period while the family was flying into Vietnam. 

The son of the family, Nicholas, admitted to playing chess while on the flight, but he insisted that the phone was on airplane mode the entire time. When the family got in touch with T-Mobile, representatives said they'd reduce the bill $3,800. That means that the bill was STILL around $10,000!

The story ends with good news though. A news station in The Bay Area got in touch with T-Mobile to help the Chang family and after some time, T-Mobile decided to erase all the charges. 

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