The Prettiest Hair on Instagram Belongs to a 5-Year-Old

Say "hello" to Mia Aflalo. She's a 5-year-old with hair WAY more gorgeous than yours #SorryNotSorry.  There was a recent survey that concluded that women don't find their "perfect' hairstyle until the age of 32, and the average woman will try around 50 different styles before settling on their favorite.

Looks like Mia is ahead of the game! She just might have the best hair on Instagram. 

Thanks to her hairstylist (yes, she has a hairstylist), Mia and her luscious locks are taking over the social media platform, with nearly 50,000 followers and counting. She was discovered by Sagi Dahary, and he is the man responsible for her growing popularity and her jealousy-inducing locks. 


She's got LOADS of admirers, but with social media...there also comes the backlash from haters who think that her parents are just exploiting the toddler. Despite some of the criticism, Sagi claims Mia is very easy to work with and does not complain or argue, preferring to "wait patiently and smile at everyone," according to the Daily Mail

I mean, just take a look at her STUNNING it Pert Plus? Maybe it's Head & Shoulders or Pantene Pro-V? I wish I had hair like hers!



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