Man Sets House on Fire Attempting to Bake Cookies on a George Foreman Grill

A man in Florida set his house on fire after he attempted to bake cookies on a George Foreman Grill.... but wait, he was also nude. Firefighters responded to the man's home on August 27th a little after midnight. When they arrived he opened the door... yes while he was naked... said "I'm sorry" then closed the door while smoke was filling his home. 

Soon after two police officers arrived and again the man came to his door naked. But this time he left the door open but did go back into the house again. 

Police said, "There were several items on fire inside the kitchen including some towels … [the man] showed no regard for his safety or well-being by staying in the house even as it filled with smoke." The man admitted to the police that he drank two liters of vodka and smoked marijuana earlier in the evening. 

Honestly, I have always wondered if you could cook something like cookies on a George Foreman Grill but I guess that this situation answers my questions.... I can not bake cookies on a George Foreman Grill!



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