Intern Sam Got Invited To Shawn Mendes' YouTube Documentary Premiere!!

Shawn Mendes worked with Casey Neistat and YouTube Music to release a mini documentary for part of the 'Artist Spotlight Series.' The video was released today at 12:30pm today on YouTube Music!  But some fans got invited to watch the video a day early in NYC!

I was lucky enough to be picked to go to the premiere! I got the news on Thursday afternoon and I was SO excited. We were told not to share the news because the event was supposed to be kept on the down low! 

It was a super cool experience! Shawn came out on stage with Casey Neistat to introduce the documentary and then came and sat right behind me to watch it with all the fans! The documentary is only about 15 minutes long but it was so cute. You could really tell that Shawn loves what he does and that he appreciates all of his fans.


Shawn Mendes honestly has a heart of gold. After the documentary finished they did a Q&A session and took some pictures with the crowd!


If you know Shawn Mendes, you know that he takes selfies with everybody! So after the Q&A session everybody lined up and Shawn met everybody in the venue. 

Here's mine!!


If this wasn't enough Shawn Mendes excitement for you, Don't worry! You can catch Shawn performing tomorrow at the global citizens festival in NYC! 



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