Ariana Kinda Confirms 'Sweetner' & AG5 Tour!

Ariana Grande has fans BUGGIN over a recent Instagram comment. It looks like the "God is a Woman" singer has kinda confirmed a joint album tour! Loads of Arianators have been waiting patiently for her to tour her latest album Sweetener and fans have been coming up with theories as to why she hasn't yet - one of which will see the 'Breathin' singer do a joint tour featuring songs from her fourth and fifth studio albums.

Don't forget, there was a "Sweetener Experience" but she's yet to have a full tour, with one fan questioning "Y'all what if she just does a one tour for both sweetener and AG5 [sic]".

Ariana Grande (Photo: Getty Images)

According to screen shots of some Instagram comments, Ariana responded to the suggestion, seemingly confirming the plans for a joint tour.

"i showed this to scooter," said the 25-year old singer. "And he goes 'who is this fortune teller that's dictating all of our movements' [sic]"

Picture: reddit

Yo!! You see that?!?!?! Could it actually be happening?? And this photo that was snagged from her IG story may show that we won't have to wait too long for AG5 😳

Photo: Ariana Grande's IG Story


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