Maxwell's NEW Podcast: 'Friends w/ Work Benefits'

Sooooo, I've heard that podcasts are the thing to do nowadays, so I decided to start one with one of my best friends. The issue was, how do two people who live about 1,000 miles away make this work? I hit up my girl Raven who is on our sister radio station in Dallas, Texas and decided we'd try to hook it up. After months of putting our engineers to the test, they helped us make it work...just one of the reasons why we named our show, "Friends with Work Benefits."

Friends with Work Benefits. With Maxwell & Raven


Maxwell and Raven discuss the titles they brainstormed before they decided on “Friends With Work Benefits,” and they tell the story of their friendship, which had a rocky start. At 12:10 they read a Please Advise email from a listener who asks if it’s okay to miss your best friend’s wedding for a work function. At 17:00 Raven reveals the jobs that get the most right swipes on Tinder. At 21:45 Maxwell and Raven talk about their most awkward celebrity interviews in Top 3 Max.

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