Maxwell's NEW Podcast: 'Friends w/ Work Benefits' Episode 2

Episode 2:

Raven plays the most cringeworthy clips from her interview with Wendy Williams. Around 6:30, Maxwell answers Raven’s burning question: Why Do Guys ‘like’ THOT photos on Instagram? At 11:30, they read a Please Advise email from a listener who found out her boyfriend had a sexual past with her co-worker. At 15:45, Raven reads a list of things you should know about someone before you make it “official.” At 20:00 the two discuss their trip to New Orleans and their attempt to break into the abandoned Six Flags amusement park. At 27:00 Raven and Maxwell name their favorite holidays in Top 3 Max.


Here's an example of when I felt personally victimized by Wendy Williams....



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