From Backpacks to Beats - Maxwell Interviews Sprayground Creator DBD

Sprayground was a brand started by artist and visionary David Ben David
. In 2011 they came out with the "Money Stacks" backpack which was embraced by athletes, celebrities and the fashion world. The company soon started to spread across the U.S. and eventually international! Sprayground further developed their product line into Luggage, Outerwear, Cold weather accessories, Apple accessories, keychains, and duffles and launched the patented Wing backpack. Today, they have evolved into a global brand that has high brand awareness, very dedicated fans, repeat customers, and a collectible item. 

Now, David Ben David is expanding his career into music under the pseudonym "Money on the plane!" Tomorrow (10/31) his new song, "I am Legend" with Dream Doll is going to be released! You can check out the teaser below!


There's lots of celebs that rep spray ground backpacks! The Backpack Kid is always repping a Sprayground backpack!

Oh and we can't forget about Maxwell!! He owns like 12 Sprayground backpacks! Wanna get a look at the Winter drops and order yours...HIT THIS LINK FOR THE SPRAYGROUND WEBSITE!!!

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