Should You Have To Pass A Test Before You Can Procreate?

At 2:00 Raven and Maxwell voice their unpopular opinions and share yours, too. At 8:08, Raven and Max nominate themselves for several iHeartRadio Podcast Awards (since iHeartRadio didn’t) and give a standing-ovation worthy acceptance speech. At 13:08 Raven reads a Please Advise email from a listener who wants to know if she should confront her best friend who’s spending all of her time with her new boyfriend. At 18:00 Raven and Max play audio of their old (and cringey) airchecks. At 27:32, Maxwell asks Raven why women pay a lot of money for things like makeup, hair extensions, candles, etc.

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Next week on the show: Maxwell asks Raven's BFF Alyssa hard-hitting questions about Raven. Why is she still single? Which ex does she still have feelings for? What's the most embarrassing thing Raven's ever done? Find out!

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Friends With Work Benefits


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