First Snow Of The Season Is Wreaking Havoc In NYC

Well let's be honest, I think we all might have underestimated this snow storm... at least I know I definitely didn't think that the snow was going to be this bad. 

As of right now I don't think that I'll be getting back to New Jersey anytime soon. The second and third floors of Port Authority are currently closed until the NJ Transit buses get back on schedule. Since Port Authority is so packed they aren't letting anybody else in for safety reasons. 

Things are not looking good...


The trains into New Jersey are also delayed by about 90 minutes. 

Myself and intern Nick were wondering how much an Uber from New York to New Jersey would cost and let's just say we were shook but not surprised! On a typical day my Uber from NYC to Jersey would cost anywhere from $65 to $75 but tonight it's a whopping $160 for and UberX or $236 for an Uber Black. On a typical day intern Nick's Uber home would cost about $120 but tonight it's almost $260 or almost $400 for an Uber Black.

Some people are stuck on the middle of the highway because the roads are so bad. So if you can, avoid going out and stay warm indoors! Be careful!



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