Thanksgiving Safety For Your Furry Friends

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, we have to go over some ground rules before the family piles into the dining room for some roast beast. There are the regular rules that we have to follow that keep us from killing one another, but there's another set of rules we've got to introduce to the holiday table this year, no feeding pets! 

I know it's difficult to resist that little face looking up at you from under the table, but this is a matter of life or death for your family puppy or kitty. The LA Department of Animal Services released some tips for keeping your furry brothers and sisters safe during holiday feasts and feeding them people food is at the top of the list of no-no's. 

Turkey or chicken bones can hurt animals' digestive systems and fatty foods can be difficult for them to digest as well. Some sweet foods like chocolate or certain fruits can actually contain ingredients that are pure poison for pets. 

Even though no one wants to be on trash patrol all night, make sure that any scraps, food or not, are secure and out of your pet's reach. If they get their paws on packaging, paper products, or plastic utensils it could end pretty badly. If you pet suddenly starts to act differently, you should probably seek help from a vet ASAP. 

Think ahead! If your cat or dog gets nervous around large groups of people or visitors in general, move them to a separate room or put them in a cage with a toy or something to keep them occupied. And as your visitors file in and out of the house, make sure you keep an eye on your animals! Lost pets never make for a fun family gathering, especially around the holidays!

[h/t KTLA]



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