What Dirt Does Your BFF Know About You??

It's time for a new episode of "Friends With Work Benefits"...the podcast that's just about everything that you talk about anyway!! Hahahaha 

At 1:50 Raven and Maxwell share what they’d wish for if they found a genie lamp. At 7:35 Raven and Max discuss their favorite Disney Princess movies in Top 3 Max. At 12:07 Raven reads a list of signs someone is in a relationship that you can spot online. At 16:35 Raven reads a Please Advise email from a listener who wants to know if she should stay friends with her guy friend’s now-ex girlfriend. At 20:55 Maxwell’s best friend Janice answers Raven’s pressing questions about Maxwell: what’s his most feminine trait? What’s his “type”? What’s his most annoying habit? Find out!


Next week on the show: We discuss social media etiquette i.e. what is/ isn’t socially acceptable in the social media space.

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