You Probably Shouldn't Touch Your Work Microwave

Get ready to get grossed out! Have you ever thought about the number of germs that are on the microwave door handle at work? YIKES!

Kimberly Clark Professional recently conducted a survey and said microwave oven doors at offices are among the most germ-ridden things that you could touch. 


They studied the handles on the microwaves and found a high level of contamination. This created an increased risk of illness being transferred from person to person. The second office item with the most germs was sink faucet handles. 

The study also suggests that sanitizing wipes should be made available for employees to wipe things down. There should also be a good amount of hand sanitizer for people to use as well.

I'm sure the inside of the microwave is pretty gross as well... well I guess I'll have to eat out everyday now!! Oh well!!



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