The Remnants of NYC SantaCon 2018

I wasn't aware of how bad SantaCon can get, but now that the dust has settled and we can get a clear look at the aftermath...oh my. It's no surprise that New Yorkers, notorious for hating any kind of minor inconvenience, are not fans of this annual event and the army of drunken Santas that it recruits. 

So what exactly is the problem here? Seems like a bunch of Santas celebrating Santa and the holidays. It should be jolly, no? Well this video is the exact opposite of jolly...


SantaCon is not to be taken lightly and you should not underestimate the drunken power of an army of St. Nicks. NJ Transit, LIRR, and Metro North banned alcohol on all trips for the big day, but that didn't stop the outrageous level of alcohol consumption that was about to go down. 

"We haven’t done anything but wake up and drink," one partygoer was overheard saying.

SantaCon is just another thing the already struggling subway system doesn't need. As New Yorkers, we can handle a stray water bottle and some cigarette butts on the train floor, but the F doesn't stand a chance against some rowdy Santas. 


To be honest, a frat party would probably be better than SantaCon. 


That video was 27 seconds long and it took me 24 seconds to decipher that they were singing Wham!'s holiday hit "Last Christmas." Someone on Twitter replied,

"It's like if Burning Man was sponsored by Axe Body Spray."

No shade at Axe Body Spray, but you know exactly who your customer is. 


SantaCon even lost the support of some celebs too. 


And how about newly-elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, not jumping in on the Santa bashing, but providing a much more stable alternative. 


The NYPD was all over the shenanigans, though. Issuing some fair warnings before the festivities began and having to issue a few summonses throughout the day.

Although there were some people on the NYPD's naughty list, the number of summonses this year (only 50) is down from 2016 when the police force issued over 100 SantaCon tickets.


If this wasn't enough for you though, more NYC SantaCon ridiculousness on Twitter with #SantaCon.

[h/t Gothamist]



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