Christmas Lights Set to Panic! At The Disco's 'Feels Like Christmas'

Let's head to Holmdel, New Jersey to take a look at an EPIC Christmas decoration display! You must make your way to Boxwood Terrace, off Laurel Avenue if you get the chance, because this house's light display is set to music and it's awesome! The homeowner wanted to remain anonymous, but told a local newspaper,

"Every night when I get home, I'd say we have three to five cars parked outside. I hope the neighbors don't mind."

The song "performs" to over 20 different songs!! Here are a few other stats about this festive crib:

Over 6,000 feet of extension cords

Over 40,000 LED bulbs

Light are on from 5-9 p.m. every night

What does it take to put all of this together?

"I started planning a month before Thanksgiving," said the homeowner. "I hired the same company that did my home in Dyker to do this home. They just put up the lights and plug it in. I do the design, run the extension cords to where they need to be and label them. I also program and tweak the system. It's a few weekend's worth of work."

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