The Internet Reacts to Ralphie From 'A Christmas Story' in 'Elf'

Both movies have become staples of the holiday season. We can remember when Ralphie shot his eye out and when Buddy the Elf was wandering throughout New York, we collectively cringed when he ate that bubble gum from the subway station sign. But, the internet just found out that the two Christmas movies have more in common than we thought.

Peter Billingsley had us all thanking our aunt for never sending us a pink bunny onesie, and is the central figure in A Christmas Story, but he also pops up in Elf.  You remember Ming Ming, the elf that works at Santa's workshop??? THAT IS HIM!!! He was the elf that reassured Buddy that he belongs there!

Go ahead and FINALLY use that "Mind Blown" emoji!!! 🤯 You're not the only one who is bugging out!!

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