This Holiday Proposal Is Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face

If you give a good scroll through Facebook, you're guaranteed to see at least one corny proposal video. You're probably going to see a proposal gone wrong, too. Remember the countless soon to be brides that accidentally consumed their engagement ring because of a creative boyfriend? 

Well, this isn't one of those proposals gone wrong, in fact this one went totally right. New Jersey based magician, John Stessel has built an impressive audience on Instagram where he posts mind boggling videos of magic tricks and cardistry that will blow you away.

He even stopped by our Z100 Jingle Ball Pepsi All Access Lounge to do some magic with our favorites like Logan Henderson and Madison Beer!


Some of John's 33,000 followers, the #WaveGang as he calls them, thought they were getting another one of his blown-away celebrity videos, or another behind the scenes peaks at one of his tricks, but they got something much more heartwarming instead. 

The Instagram post, captioned "Sooo...... we’re breaking up! 9 years down.... life time to go ♥️," starts with John saying, "Hey everyone, so today I kinda did a thing." 

It cuts to a selfie video of him and his long time girlfriend Alli, and the rest? Well, just watch for yourself.


OK, TEARS! This is definitely one of the best proposal videos. I would say it even beats out any gender reveal you could find! Wishing Alli and John all the best in 2019! Cheers to your engagement!

Check out more of John's magic on his Instagram page and watch what went down when he visited the Z100 studio!



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