Halsey's Stunning Performance on NBC's 'The Voice'

On last night's (December 18) episode of "The Voice"...the contestants' performances weren't the only thing that had people buzzing the next day. DID YOU SEE HOW AMAZING HALSEY WAS?!?!?! I wrote that in all caps because I'm still amazed! Halsey was joined by dancer and actress, Jade Chynoweth (who is the dopest by the way), and the performance of the hit song "Without Me" actually brought in some mixed reviews. Everyone has an opinion, and some critics decided to voice theirs on social media.

One decided to write: "Disgusting. Done with the voice after this BS."

But you know Halsey wasn't gonna let that slide!


In a totally separate post, the singer shared a very heartfelt message.


Jade has a pretty astonishing following on Instagram (I suggest you follow...did I mention how dope she is 👉🏾 @Jadebug98) and she posted this beautiful message:



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