Would You Tattoo Your Boo's Name On Your Body?

It's another new episode of my podcast, "Friends With Work Benefits. Here's what goes down on this episode:

At 2:52 we share if we’d have our partner’s name tattooed on our body in ‘What Would You Do For Your Boo?’ At 8:00 we talk about the most devastating celebrity breakups of 2018. At 13:30 Raven and Max talk about their best and worst breakups. At 21:50 they read a Please Advise email from a listener who wants to know how she should tell her BFF she doesn’t always want to hang out with her boyfriend, too.

Next week on the show: Raven explains ‘The Secret,’ and Maxwell asks “Why Do Women?”

Need advice? DM us your dilemma on Instagram (@FWWBpodcast), and it could be featured on Please Advise.

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