Father Pays $1500 A Month on an Apartment For His Daughter's Cats

I love my cat as much as the next person, but I've never considered buying her her own apartment (probably because I'm a broke college student). However, this isn't the case for a San Jose father who rents a studio apartment for his daughter's two pet cats. When his daughter, Victoria Amith, was leaving for college at Azusa Pacific University, he also happened to be moving and the two cats, Louise and Tina were left with nowhere to live. The solution? Get the cats their own apartment. Victoria's father shells out $1,500 a month on a 425 square foot apartment in San Jose where the two felines live together. While Victoria's father never planned for the cats to be living large in their very own kitty crib, he states that's just "how the cards worked out."

If you love cats as much as Victoria and her dad, get ready to watch Kitten Bowl VI on February 3, 2019 on the Hallmark Channel. While you wait, check out some of the cutest cat-letes from last year's Kitten Bowl! 



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