Custom Slippers That Looks Like Your Pet? Yes.

Your Pet's Face + Slippers? =SOLD!

Have you ever seen those crazy pet lovers who put their Chihuahua's in a bedazzled stroller while it struts a custom Louis Vuitton sweater?  Or that dedicated "dog/cat mom" who throws a birthday party every year for their dog or cat?  Yeah. Those people.  This is the ULTIMATE pet lover item.  

Cuddle Clones     

With Cuddle Clones, it takes your pet's obsession to a whole new level.

These "puppies" (literally) go for a whopping $200 and takes eight weeks for the company to fulfill your order.  

All Shapes & Sizes!   

Still not convinced?  Here's another look.  

It's not limited to small pets!  From horses to hedgehogs, dreams DO come true!

You're welcome, pet lovers!

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