Your Bachelor Week 3 Recap in 37 Seconds

The Bachelor Week 3 Recap 

We got you covered for television's hottest night.  Your recap on Week 3 of Bachelor Monday! Intern Leanne has the tea for you in her 37 second recap video...



Battle of the Beauty Queens

Here comes the drama... (And its only Week THREE!!).  Both Caelynn and Hannah B. competed in the same beauty pageant.  Caelynn who was Miss. North Carolina was first runner up while Miss Alabama didn't place.  At the beginning of the season, both bachelorettes acknowledged that they were once great friends and now have the most beef then anyone else on the show.  

Pirate Colton?  During the first group date of the night, Colton invited eight of the ladies competing for Colton's heart to a Pirate theme date and it was messy.  

Basically, Hannah B. realized Caelynn was forming a strong connection with Colton and sparks were flying while the date was going on right in front of her face.  You could see the steam coming out of her.  

Later that night, Hannah B. confessed with Colton that Caelynn was fake and manipulative.  Later on, Caelynn reciprocated the same thoughts towards Hannah B. to Colton and he was fuming.  

Fast forward a little bit.  No shock at all, the last five minutes was Hannah B contemplating whether Colton was going to keep Miss Alabama or send her home...Take a guess at what the producers made him do, yep she stayed so the beef can continue.  Don't you just love reality tv?           


Elyse + Colton

Red head Elyse stole our hearts during Monday night's episode.  How is she 31?  Sorry Demi, although she's older than you, she could pull off 31, despite your beliefs.  This carnival-themed date was ADORABLE.  Between the romantic helicopter scene and the heartwarming "group" date with Colton and the kids he brought along with him, my heart was melting.  Elyse for the top 3!!  


Limo Pulls?

I'm just as confused as you are.  Terry Crews and his wife hosted the other group date focusing on agility and strength.  Count me out!  The date turned into a competition to win over Colton's heart. Most shocking moment:  Caitlin showing off her ability to pull a stretch limo and then Colton asked her to leave.  Ouch. (literally)

Bachelor Pool Party & Rose Ceremony

A pool party with Colton?  COUNT ME IN!  

More drama and tears erupted during the pool party, no shock. 

To finish off the night, Colton hands out the remaining roses and the boring people go home, thats pretty much how the show works if you aren't familiar with it.

Listen Colton, if you have an extra rose to give out at the end of this ~journey,~ come find Intern Kali. Im here waiting for you! :)    

See ya next week for another recap.  Peace, Bachelor Nation!



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