A Netflix Documentary Dedicated to Cat Lovers

Cat Crazy

Ever seen the Real Housewives?  Well claws DO come out and its legit a catfight in Netflix's new documentary, Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit.  It's a show about dozens of cats and their owners battling for the number one spot as the title of Canada's Best Cat traveling all across the country to attend these intense cat shows where judges decide which cat places at the top.  

Let's see what people are saying about it on Twitter.    


Oh La La!

One of the cats that truly shined in the documentary was the red Persian, Oh La La.  What a unique name!  This cat has better hair than I do... Look how voluminous it is!!  Might need some tips.  Oh La La ended up becoming the top cat in Canada and the show ended with a retirement party in his honor. Gotta pay a tribute to all his hard work...I guess?


One word: LEGENDARY 



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