Glow In The Dark Donuts - “Glonuts” Are The Newest Sweet Trend


Yes, this is a REAL thing, and I'm here for it.  Ever wonder what your dessert would look like in the dark?  You assume you can't see what you're eating, right?!  Not in this new trend.  You can now get donuts that are glow in the dark.  That's sick!  

A bakery in Sydney, Australia recently started selling glow in the dark donuts, and they go by the name of...GLONUTS.  These glonuts will come in handy for your midnight snack.  The bakery, Black Star Pastry are selling these exotic treats with the featured icing that glows up under a blacklight.  

The Secret

Aside from being super photogenic and pleasing to the eye, all the ingredients are natural, which means you can avoid any toxic dye in this pastry.  The store's website explains that the content made from vitamin B is what makes the donut actually glow.  The donut, which contains a ton of butter (the more the better) is iced in a tart yuzu glaze giving a sweet & sour flavor to it.  

It's "Glowing Up" 

People are craving these treats!!  According to the shop, they had to fasten the production so they can meet their demand, and the demand is only increasing.  This radiant dessert is popping on Instagram because of it's natural "glow."  People are capturing their Insta-worthy appearance and even trying to make glonuts right from their own homes.  Fingers crossed they make their way over to the U.S. ASAP.  Check it out!      



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