Live Bugs in the Mail?!?!?! Peep 'Friends w/ Work Benefits' Podcast

At 3:30 Raven and Max reveal their ‘life hacks.’ At 11:14 Raven talks about the five body language clues that your significant other is ready to commit (even if he/ she hasn’t verbalized it yet). At 16:45 Raven reads a Please Advise email from a listener who’s tired of one of her co-workers sending inappropriate packages to the office. At 21:24 Maxwell and Raven reveal if they would elope for their boo in ‘What Would You Do For Your Boo?’ At 23:27, Maxwell and Raven discuss the #10Year/ HowHardDidAgingHitYou challenge.

Next week on the show: We talk about the researched effects social media has on society, and we reveal how far we'd travel for a booty call.

Need advice? DM us your dilemma on Instagram (@FWWBpodcast), and it could be featured on Please Advise.

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