Bachelor Contestant Caelynn Reveals She's A Sexual Assault Survivor

Caelynn's Powerful Conversation

Former Miss. North Carolina had a one-on-one full of shopping and pampering. This is my dream date. Being pampered, free clothes and Colton? Say no more. Later that night, Caelynn opened up about a dark and traumatic time in her life. She revealed to Colton that she and a group of her friends were sexually assaulted four years ago during her sophomore year of college. Afterwards, Colton revealed that one of his past relationships was with a girl who was sexually abused, believe to be about U.S. gymnast, Aly Raisman. She mentioned that although she is a very happy and energetic person, you never know what someone has battled or is currently going through. After realizing that it was a dark time in her life, it made her stronger as a person and Colton recognized that.

FALLING in Love?

Fresh off the runway, the group of bachelorettes and the Bachelor himself landed in Singapore. The first date of the night was Colton and Tayshia's one-on-one date and it was incredibly, terrifying. The date card read, "Lets fall in love." Cute, right? Thats what I thought. Who wouldn't want to fall in love with Mr. Colton himself? Yeah, going on a date with Colton is something I would enjoy, but the 'FALLING' was meant, literally. Bungee-jumping on a date would just make me cancel on him. After facing their fears, the couple enjoyed a nice meal, (which they don't actually eat #BachelorFact) Tayshia opened up to the Bachelor by revealing that she married her first boyfriend which ended in a divorce. Afterwards, Colton realized how strong of a woman she was and confessed that he enjoys Tayisha's company.

Leeches, Pigs Feet and Fish Eyes Oh My!

During the group date, Colton took his ladies into a cute little town in Singapore and boxes were definitely checked off bucket lists on that day. The group witnessed much of Singapore's culture. They shopped, ate exotic foods and even had leeches slapped all over parts of their bodies. They ate pigs feet, fish eyes, and bullfrog. Is this in the contract when you sign up to be on the show?! Asking for a friend.

Courtney vs. Demi

Surprise! Demi takes the spotlight in yet another week of The Bachelor. Courtney confessed to Demi that she doesn't feel like she's getting enough attention from Colton unlike how the other girls are. After Demi encourages Courtney to talk to him, Demi steals the show and grabs Colton's attention a second time, wasting the time that Courtney could be spending with him. This causes tension between the two and the argument leads all the way to the Rose Ceremony where they battle for who is classier and more mature than the other. It became repetitive and I was over it.

Rose Ceremony

To leave it off on a good note, after 2 bachelorettes got the boot, Colton revealed that they're headed to Thailand and the preview shows that their next destination is FULL of drama. Looking forward to it!

See you next week for another Bachelor recap!

Peace, Love & Leeches, Bachelor Nation!

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