People Think Travis Scott is Proposing to Kylie Jenner at the SuperBowl

Rumor Has It

For someone who only cares about the Super Bowl Halftime Show , the wings and dreads the actual football game itself, this rumor definitely has me tuning in and is a story thats making major pop culture headlines leading up to football's biggest day. Kylie Jenner is once again in the center of the spotlight, the football spotlight that is. Fans believe that Travis Scott , scheduled to take the stage to perform at the halftime show, is going to take advantage of the audience during the largest sporting event on television by apparently proposing to Jenner during his set.

The Clues

There are clues popping up making this statement closer to being true. One of which Travis Scott said himself that when he decides to get on one knee, its going to be, "fire." What's more fire then being proposed to during the Super Bowl even if football is basically a different language. (aka me) Other speculations of an engagement have surfaced. Earlier this month, Jenner posted a photo with the caption, "Extrano a mi esposo," which translates to, "I miss my husband." But then again, they throw the words "husband and wife" around like confetti, debating whether to take it literally or not.



We still aren't sure whether the proposal is actually going to happen or not. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what goes down on Sunday. Let's peep some tweets regarding the duo and their speculation about this rumor...



Enjoy the big day. You can find me by the food! Hehe



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