The Chainsmokers Didn't Expect For 5SOS To Be Such Rockstars

The Chainsmokers recent team up with 5SOS for their new song Who Do You Love and it was the collaboration I just didn't see coming. The mix of guitars and electronic music is exactly what we need in the music scene right now. The Chainsmokers admit they had never seen 5SOS perform before and when they did, they didn't expect to see the rockstars they saw before them. "We knew a lot about them, but hadn't seen them perform before.. I'm sure everyone has that connotation 'oh they're a boy band' but they're rockstars," says Drew Taggart . Combining these two groups into a pop EDM track took some creativity. "Obviously it needed to sound like The Chainsmokers," says Taggart, .."but I incorporated a lot of guitars which is like their sound. And they played a lot of instruments to layer and gave me a lot to work with."

Alex Pall chimes in saying working with this group has been an incredible experience for the duo, who have worked with artists like Halsey , Coldplay and so many other notable names. "It's one of those songs that when we first did it together it was like 'I know this is special,' says Pall. "Sometimes you do songs and you don't even talk to each other till it's just out," continues Pall. The guys of 5SOS were so excited, texting Taggart and Pall countdowns before the song premiered.

"Luke sounds so great on it, Calum sounds so great," says Pall. It sounds like this project was rewarding for both groups as a collaboration. Watch Maxwell's full interview with The Chainsmokers below!

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