Bye Bye Bye? | The Bachelor Recap Week 6

Hey there Bachelor Nation! I'm back for another recap on the CRAZIEST episode so far, and it's only getting crazier!! Lets getcha caught up...

Bye, Bye, Bye


What an episode!! The NSYNC reference is a 'bye' for 3 of the ladies who went, "bye, bye, bye."

Heres the rundown:

In week 6 of my favorite night of the week, the ladies and the bachelor himself travel to Vietnam.


As the frontrunners are given one-on-ones this week, Sydney, (who I personally forgot was still even on the show) was annoyed at the fact that the girls who have already formed the strongest relationships with Colton are given one-on-ones. Meanwhile, the relationships that haven't progressed as fast, aka Sydney, haven't been awarded that time with him yet. Long story short, Sydney confesses to Colton that she isn't getting a chance nor as much attention as the other girls are and she's over it. She leaves, peace!


This one was awkward to watch. Shortly after Colton arrives back from his one-on-one, Demi visits his suite to share with Colton that she is "falling in love" with him and shares on camera to the producers that she wants to take his virginity in Vietnam. He appreciated her opening up but confesses that he's just not there with her. It was awkward but kind of sad to see the entertainment go...


She was another lady we had to say goodbye to... but I have a feeling were going to see Demi make an appearance in Bachelor in Paradise this summer, and she'll be running the beach!!

Could you tell I'm obsessed with The Bachelor franchise at all? Can you blame me?!



I was personally shocked by this departure because I honestly thought Katie would of at least made it to another week. But, Colton not intentionally, blind-sided Katie after she revealed that she was really making an effort to put herself out there and be more open with him. Bye Katie!

The common theme in all of these departures was that each girl who left, told Colton that there are "people here who aren't ready for a proposal." And it freaked Colton out.

Hannah G. (the G is for the 'greatest'):

Since night one, I could not be more obsessed with Colton and Hannah G.'s chemistry. Finally, Hannah G. gets a one-on-one with the bachelor and they have a spa filled day. They couldn't look any cuter, even when they were wrapped up in seaweed. The entire date was either them bathing or making out...or both. In one of his confessionals, Colton reveals that he's falling in love with her. No denying it, these two really like each other and I could definitely see her sporting a Neil Lane diamond at the end of this!! But, if that doesn't happen, Hannah B. for the Bachelorette! EEP!


Not going to lie, I'm quite surprised this dental hygenist has made it this far in the season especially because she flossed Colton's teeth on night one. (ew?) . But, good for her!! The two set off into the ocean for a snorkeling date. She gets a rose, I think? Idk, I fell asleep during their dinner, I was too bored. OOPS.

The Fence Jump!! | The Teaser: Were down to 7 ladies and it looks like the drama is just getting more intense! WOW! Next week's tease looks hectic, and I'm here for it. It looks like were finally going to find out why Colton jumped over the fence that has had Bachelor Nation freaking out all the way up to now!!! Either way, he looked hot doing it.

Me trying to jump a fence:


Check out Intern L-Mac's 37 second recap video!!: See ya next week, Bachelor Nation!

Peace, Love & Fence Jumping,

-Intern Kali



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