The Best Indoor Plants for People Who Aren’t Plant Lovers

The Issue:To all my non "plant lovers," I've got the solution for you.

I am the complete opposite of a person who loves plants. I just can't keep up. It would be nice to have actual plants in my room and around my house but the issue is that I just can't keep plants alive. I can't even take care of a real plant... whats going to happen when I become a mother a LONG LONG LONG time from now?! Im concerned...Anyways, back to the plants. If you're like me and just can't keep up with watering plants, (one of life's simplest tasks...sad) then I'm here to help. Here are the best indoor plants for people who unintentionally kill plants!! (Sorry, mom!)

ZZ Plant:

This waxy and dark green plant is definitely at the top of my list. It is known to be a great air purifier. Look at that, a 2 in 1,sold!The ZZ loves to be in low to bright indirect light. If the dirt is fully dry, thats an indicator that it needs to be watered. Get this: this plant is instructed to be watered once a week and during the winter time, it can be less frequently watered. Thats what I like to hear!


Snake Plant:

You can find these plants usually chilling at coffee shops mainly for their aesthetic. The snake plant can come in different variations, tall or short, with different leaf colors and even patterns! The look of these plants are exotic and exciting to look at, bringing good ~vibes~ in every setting. The plant keeps the air inside the home nice and clean, what a perk! Like any plant, make sure this one is exposed to sunlight. They don't need much water to survive, even during the winter time, while also surviving with low levels of light. Hooray for another plant you wont kill!!


Rubber Plants:

This indoor plant grows tall enough to be an indoor tree with dark green leaves which creates a mellow mood in any room they live in. These plants required a little bit more maintenance when it comes to keeping it alive. The rubber plants grow fast and tall. Plantexperts prefer you begin with a younger and smaller rubber plant, measuring at three feet. This plant is best in medium to very bright light environments, unlike the other plants that were above. During the summer when the air is dry, maintain the plant's moisture by using a mister or a damp cloth. In the winter, you only need to water the plant once or twice a month!! Now thats the kind of plant I'm talking about!! Real, and easy to maintain!


Asparagus Fern:

It's so fluffy!!! This plant clearly adds diversity to any room. The asparagus fern looks best hung in baskets or containers. These plants will definitely amp up your Instagram feed because of it's earthy aesthetic. You're welcome. These cuties are happy in bright, indirect sunlight and prefer a humid environment. It can handle some abuse, like forgetting to water it once or twice. But, keep a mister handy to keep the plant moist and it's good to go!


Lucky Bamboo:

Last but not least, one of my personal faves. This plant is impossible to kill (half the reason why it's my favorite) . They're super easy to take care of with no soil required! It can tolerate low light but grows best in bright light with tap water. You'll have to change out the water at least every two months so it isn't gross. Be sure to cover the roots completely with water and avoid direct sunlight. Plus, it brings you good luck!


Am I officially a "Plant Mom" yet?!



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