New Barbie Line Features Dolls In Wheelchairs And Prosthetic Limbs

You Go, Barbie!

With Barbie reaching her 6th decade on Earth, the doll seems to be getting much more diverse and I'm here for it. For years, Barbie was known to be the skinny, blue-eyed blonde that every little girl and even boys wanted for their birthday. But, Barbie is finally evolving. Barbies creator, Mattel aimed to represent the youth that plays with her.

Barbie Fashionista Collection

Mattel is introducing her new line, Barbie Fashionista. This line features Barbies with new body types, braided hair textures, darker skin and even a Barbie with disabilities. The doll will now have a wheelchair while another Barbie will have a removable prosthetic leg. And get this, Barbie's Dream House has added a new feature, a ramp for the wheelchair! Mattel is taking the direction in which Barbie fans want. The wheelchair, worked on and created with a team at UCLA, will fit any of the Barbies in the "Made to Move" collection.


Mattel worked together with 12-year-old Jordan Reeves who has a prosthetic arm. She helped the team design the doll by inputing details about prosthetic limbs through her experience. For people who live with these disabilities, seeing Barbie have the same lifestyle and disability as them matters. The way dolls look can influence the child who is playing with the toy, studies have shown. In efforts to spread diversity throughout these collections, it is a continuation of the mission they are presenting to these children, proving that there is potential and it isn't the end. The new line will be available for purchase in Fall 2019.



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