The Tea Has Been Spilled | The Bachelor Recap Week 7


And to think this season couldn't get any more dramatic...Clearly, I was wrong. Here is your Bachelor Recap for Week 7!!

Triple T. Tayshia

3 T's: Taddle Tail Tayshia. Do you like your tea hot or cold? Because this tea is boiling and ready to spill. Last week, a lot of hesitation and concern came out during the episode because every woman that went home, told Colton to be open-minded about who is here for the right reasons and be aware of the women who aren't ready for an engagement at the end of this. On Tayshia's one-on-one with Colton, he asked her who the girls were referring to. Tayisha spilled the tea EVERYWHERE. She told Colton that two of the remaining seven women aren't ready for an engagement if he decides to propose to one of them. Apparently, she overheard Caelynn and Cassie discussing plans for post-show without Colton and possibly becoming the next Bachelorette if they don't get proposed to. Colton was terrified!!

Hannah B(ye)

What happens when you go to meet the Bachelor's family? You get sent home right after! This was honestly one of the most painful moments to watch on the season. (Besides Heather trying to get her first kiss) . Even though I predicted that Hannah B. wouldn't win the ring at the end, I didn't think she would be sent home like THIS! Former Miss Alabama spent her one-on-one date with Colton in his hometown of Denver, Colorado. During the date, Colton brought Hannah home to meet his family because why not meet the parents before you get kicked off the show, right?! The Bachelorette opened up to his parents about the feelings she has towards their son while Colton questioned whether he could match the same feelings. Later that night, Hannah extended the conversation over dinner with Colton and he started to realize he wasn't on the same page with her when it comes to the feelings she confessed to him. Hannah, along with the rest of Bachelor Nation seemed caught off guard and in a way, blindsided and Twitter wasn't having it.

Caelynn vs. Tayshia

During Caelynn's one-on-one with Colton, he confronted her about Tayshia's comment and Caelynn immediately denied it! She was devastated by the "rumors" being spread and pointed out that those words would never come out of her mouth because of the feelings she has towards Colton. Confessing that she would be wasting her time if she felt that way towards their relationship. Shortly after their date, Caelynn quickly confronted Tayshia about what she had shared with Colton and argued that it wasn't true while Tayshia thought otherwise. The battle ended pretty quickly but continued later on in the night. During the convo, the Bachelor himself poked a little fun with the drama:

Choo Choo

During the group date, the remaining ladies, Kirpa, Hannah G., Heather and Cassie all waited for Colton to arrive on a train. Scratch out the limos, his entrance was the cutest one yet!! Once the date started, Heather randomly revealed to Colton that it wasn't fair for her to continue her journey if she didn't feel a connection with him anymore, and she just left...OK? Well, at least she can check the box off at the top of her bucket-list, a kiss!! She even left with one!

The remaining three ladies continued on with the date and it got ugly. Kirpa confessed the same feelings that Tayshia had towards the ladies that "weren't ready" for an engagement to Colton during the date and was later shared with Cassie that she was one of the bachelorettes she was referring to. Cassie went OFF on Kirpa and it was probably the best part of the episode. She battled it out with Kirpa proving that she was ready for marriage and that Kirpa didn't have the right to prove her wrong. Bachelor Nation is still wondering why Kirpa still even made it this far...I've never seen Cassie's claws come out like this before but I'm here for it. #TeamCassie

Later that night, the date turned into an awkward 2 on 1 when Hannah G. received a rose and was sent back to the hotel. The two sat in awkward silence as Colton left the room but soon heard someone enter assuming it was Colton. NOPE! It was Caelynn in leggings and sneakers....HUH?! The ladies were so confused. But, we saw tthe behind the scenes. After Hannah G. came back from the date and spilled the tea between Cassie and Kirpa, Caelynn thought to take action and be there for her girl, Cassie! GIRL CODE!!! Caelynn spoke with Colton about her bff's intentions and how even though Caelynn wants to be the one at the end of this, she still wants to support her bestie. I LOVE HER! This made me respect Caelynn even more than I already do!! What a woman! As a result, Kirpa went buh-bye and Bachelor Nation started throwing confetti in the air.

Bachelor Recap in 37 seconds with Intern L-Mac

My fave part...Intern Leanne is back for another 37 recap video for ya!! Check it out!

Intern Leanne & Intern Kali waiting for Colton to come to the studio like:

See ya next week for Hometowns, Bachelor lovers!!!


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