Colton vs. the Fam | The Bachelor Recap Week 8

Colton vs. The Dads

Ah, the awkward hometown dates and the protective fathers.

First up, Colton heads to Fredericksburg, Virginia to visit Caelynn and her family. They take a trip around her town via a horse-drawn carriage. They head to her house to meet the fam.

Caelynn introduces the bachelor to her stepfather, John, who she considers her father because her biological one isn't in her life. Okay, did anyone else LOVE John?! During the episode, the two had a heart-to heart conversation about how supportive he has been to her and how she's blessed to have him as a "father." My heart was legit melting.

Caelynn discusses her feelings towards Colton with her mom and sister while also touching upon his approach towards the sexual assault story she confessed to him. Colton asks for her father's permission to propose, which is crucial for Colton, he won't do it without a father's, blessing (1 out of the 810482 reasons why I love him.) After talking with her family, Caelynn later tells Colton that she's fully in love with him.

Birmingham, Alabama

Next up: my fave, Hannah G!! They start off the date with a visit to an etiquette class to turn him into a Southern gentlemen. The test, balancing a book on his head, which he nailed and how to properly butter your bread, which he failed:

Colton meets Hannah G.'s mother, Beth, father, Tom, three of her cousins and her best friend. No pressure, Colton! Hannah's father asks what Colton's intentions are for his daughter and Colton reveals to him that she was special to him since the moment he met her. He eventually gets permission from her father to propose if the day comes. Hannah G. and her mother have a deep conversation about making the right decision. Hannah gets a motherly pep talk from her mama and adds, "She left here a mama's girl and she came back a woman in love." Mama knows best!!

Hannah confesses with Colton that she's falling in love with him and he says it right back!!

Santa Ana, California

The bachelor heads over to Cali to meet Tayshia in her hometown of Santa Ana. How does she welcome him? By blind-folding him, driving him to a sketchy field (which was quite bumpy) and revealing that they're going skydiving. Colton looked like he was about to turn around and go back to Alabama. He didn't look very thrilled. The couple faced their fear of heights by jumping out of a plane and Colton was shaking the whole time. His final words before he jumps? "God please let me survive this fall. I still have to lose my virginity. I don't know what I'm missing yet but I heard it's really good." LOL

Prior to hometowns, Tayshia warned Colton that her father would be tough, and that he was! Tayshia's father certainly put him on the spot, for sure. Once Colton told her father that he's falling in love with Tayshia, he asks if he's having the same conversation with the other girls. Her father doesn't understand how someone can fall in love with multiple people and denies Colton's blessing to propose to his daughter. Tayshia chats with her father about her feelings towards the bachelor and he later realizes that she's happy and should trust Tayshia's feelings. Eventually, he gives Colton his blessing.

Huntington Beach, California

Surfs up! Colton heads back to California to visit one of his favorites, Cassie. The two go surfing and although I knew Colton could do anything, I starting having my doubts.

Cassie has yet to express her love for Colton and its SO frustrating !!! She also isn't 100% sure whether she is ready to accept a proposal or not. Cassie's father is harsh on Colton and confesses that, "He seems like a guy," with no words to show that he made an impression on the father. Once Colton asks for his blessing, he replies that it is a "premature blessing." Which means that it is ultimately up to Cassie at the end of this. And by the end of the date, Colton expresses his frustration that Cassie still hasn't confessed that she's falling in love with him. UGH.


This was just sad. Hannah G get's the rose (YAY) . Next up to get a rose was Tayshia, who has built a surprisingly strong relationship with Colton throughout the season. And finally, down to the bottom two who happen to be BFF's, Caelynn and Cassie. I just assumed Cassie, was going home because she never told Colton she was falling in love and he didn't get a blessing from her father but no...Caelynn gets eliminated. It was a sad day for Bachelor Nation. She definitely touched all of our hearts. A possible Bachelorette? I vote yes.

Check out Intern Leanne's 37 second recap video !!

Thats it for this week's recap!!

Next week... FANTASY SUITES & Women Tell All... I literally cannot wait. Do we finally get a fence-jump? Fingers crossed.

Peace, Love & Shower Scenes-Intern Kali :)

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