Debate: Does A Straw Have One Or Two Holes?

You already know that people love to debate on the internet. Whether the dress is blue and black or gold and white, if it's laurel or yanny, how would a horse wear pants, you know how it goes. Well, there's a new debate taking over... Does a straw have one or two holes, and why?

This new debate was brought up on Reddit and people are really divided. One side of the debate has some evidence for their position saying, "One cause there's nothing in between," meanwhile the other side is debating that there is a top and bottom hole.

The people that believe there's two different holes said that "An ideal straw has no holes. It's a pipe. If it had a hole, it would leak."

There's technically a third option being that there's no hole. Maxwell explained this one to me by saying that if you get a straw and you go to sip out of it and you see that there's a crack in it you typically throw it out and get another one... so then there's a hole in the straw so are the other "holes" actually holes.


I think that I'm falling towards believing that there are two holes. I mean think about it this way, if you run water or something through it, basically the liquid is going in one hole and out another! This is just my opinion but what do you think?! Let us know!



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