Parents Warned About Possible Deadly 'Momo Challenge' Online

The Momo Challenge

A new and unsettling kids challenge is surfacing the internet and it's taking a dangerous turn for children engaging in it. These rounds of "kid friendly" videos are teaching children how to commit suicide and even encouraging them to do it.

A trend called the 'Momo Challenge' has recently been stirring up concerns for parents. The character, a terrifying doll asks viewers to participate in non-harmful to deadly challenges and it's concerning parents all across the web. It has apparently been been surfacing the internet for a year now, according to international police and specific news outlets. The actual character that is appearing around children sites is a sculpture called, "Mother Bird," designed by Japanese special affects company known as Link Factory which has nothing to do with the actual challenge.

The bulging eyes and stringy hair character known as Momo, is reportedly appearing on websites and apps such as Facebook, Youtube and WhatsApp while trying to affiliate with videos aimed for kids that are meant to look like popular games like "Fortnite" or even the children's show Peppa Pig. The person or people that are controlling Momo asks viewers to contact them through a WhatsApp number. Once they are connected on a call with the Momo "controller" they ask people to complete certain challenges which can be linked to self-harm or suicide like steps on how to take pills. The character also tells viewers that she will "curse them" if they don't follow her instructions and asks to not tell anyone about the challenge. The challenge has been causing suicides across the world and advising parents to monitor their children's activities on these sites and apps.

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