5 Iconic Throwback Jonas Brothers Moments

The world stood still today when The Jonas Brothers announced that they would be reuniting and releasing music for the first time in 6 years. They announced today that they would be releasing their new song, "Sucker", at 12:00am EST TONIGHT (March 1). In preparation for the drop, all of us 90s and 2000s kids have been in our feelings, reminiscing on a simpler time when our only worries were whether to hang up our J-14 posters on the Nick side or the Joe side (sorry Kevin). And while this new Jonas Brothers era will undoubtedly be awesome - there will always be something iconic about the original JoBros era and all the moments that have become memes and #tbts. Here are some of my favorites.

The "Oh How The Tables Have Turned Video"


HONORABLE MENTION: The recreation of this video that was posted TODAY


The "Baby Bottle Pop" Commercial


The Disney Channel Games


The guys were all on different teams obviously........but I mean TEAM INFERNO ALL THE WAY.

Their Disney Channel Promo


The "7 Things" Music Video


Now I know this isn't technically a Jonas Brothers moment, but Miley Cyrus' "7 Things" was honestly the most iconic diss track of our time and everyone knew it was about Nick Jonas. I mean - she was wearing his necklace and holds up a picture of them with Nick's face covered......iconic.

Now BRB while I count down the minutes until midnight.



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