The Fence Has Been Jumped | The Bachelor Recap Week 9


*trying my best to write this in a calmly matter*

Alright...before we get into last night's Bachelor recap, you might need to do some breathing exercises to mentally prepare yourselves.

*inhale* aaaaaand *exhale* x2


You ready? Okay, lets begin....


The episode started out with a snoozefest of a date. It lagged with awkward music (and I mean REALLY awkward) and references about the fantasy suite for a good half hour. The two enjoy a nice date while trying to avoid the elephant in the room. When the couple approached the fantasy suite, Tayshia confesses to cameras that she was actually convinced she would be Colton's first. (HA you thought) . The next morning, Tayshia recaps the night in the fantasy suite and reveals that she didn't get as intimate with the bachelor as she had hoped, acting annoyed in a way. This girl's expectations were way too high for a virgin. She says that it was great alone time with just the two of them. OK. BYE


*Taylor Swift voice* Are You Ready For It?

Use the reference earlier in the recap for the breathing exercise I introduced you to, I highly recommend.


Sooooo here is where things get hectic. Last week, frontrunner Cassie revealed that was really hesitant about her feelings towards Colton. During their date in Portugal, Colton mentioned how Cassie's father did not give him his blessing and Cassie was shook. She was angry and definitely confused about her father's reasoning for not giving Colton his blessing. Cassie felt worried that Colton didn't make a good enough impression on her family and that he wasn't someone they approved of.

Hey, Dad?

Later in the day, when Cassie returned from her date with mixed emotions about where her head stands, her father magically shows up and surprises her. This is where the show annoys me. This part of the episode was either obviously scripted or he just HAPPENED to be in Portugal at the same time. Wut?


Anyways, Cassie has a deep chat with her father about how confused and hesitant she is about getting engaged at the end of this. Her dad opened up to her about how she would know if she was with the right person and that hesitation shouldn't be a factor when it comes to an engagement. He also explained to the 23-year old that it isn't possible to fall in love with someone within a time span of 8 weeks. Um, did you not research the show your daughter signed up for? So, I assume he hops back on a flight to Cali and leaves...or maybe he got a vacation out of it. That's what I would do.



This was CRAZY. The two sit down for dinner and things get INTENSE. Basically, Cassie recaps with Colton that her father surprised her today and made her realize that she isn't ready for a proposal. She wants what's best for Colton (very cliche Cassie, bravo) and that she needed to leave.

BUT THEN, Colton confesses to her that he wants her at the end of this. As she gets even more conflicted on what she should do, he repeatedly says, "I love you" which had her questioning, "There are 2 other girls still here, how could you say that?" He continued to tell the 23- year old that he wont stop fighting for her. He was legit SHAKING and so was I, on my couch...with my grandma (yes we bond over it, no shame). Colton even offered that he wouldn't propose to her, anything to be with her. My heart actually hurt. As she was leaving, she told Colton "I want you to be with someone that is insanely in love with you." OUCH...Really Cassie? You couldn't of been a little less harsh? I was screaming at the TV, she made me so angry!!! (along with all of America) And then, we all saw it coming when he put the jacket on....IT'S HAPPENING....



Once Cassie drives away, Colton storms up to his room, curses and aggressively swings the door open. He hits one of the cameras and is in route to THE FENCE. He continuously says "I'm done with this. I can't do this anymore" and rips off his mic. That's when you know he's done. And then he JUMPS.


Chris Harrison goes running in a hunt to find Colton but he is literally NO WHERE to be found. I felt like this was an intense game of hide & seek. And then Bachelor Nation gets hit with the worst one yet....


Someone pls tell me what is going to happen next?!?!

Here's what is going through my mind :

  1. Where the heck did Colton go?
  2. Does he make friends with a pack of wolves?
  3. Does Cassie come back?
  4. Is Hannah still waiting for her date with Colton?


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Welp, Women Tell All is up next and I can't wait for more tea.

But, I'm currently still recovering from that episode. This is going to be the longest week EVER.

I hope your recovery is going smoother than mine after all of that.

See ya next week for the 2 NIGHT season finale!!!

Peace, Love & Rejection- Intern Kali :)



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