Nick Jonas Says Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner Are “Daredevils”

It's not every day you have the Jonas Brothers together, maybe on Christmas or Thanksgiving.... but now the boys are BACK with a new song, new look, and a new attitude.

Before the boys spent a week taking over The Late Late Show with James Corden, they were able to stop by the Z100 studios to talk their reunion and release of their new song Sucker. Along with announcing their return as a boy band with a new song, the three also released a music video to go along with the new single. It wasn't filmed in just any castle in England, but the one actually used in the filming of The Favourite. Although they had to be careful inside the castle, due to it's rich history, the guys and their significant others were able to let loose outside the mansion driving a fancy car.... even though it was a bit terrifying for Kevin.

While describing everyone driving in the car, a scene that takes place at the beginning of the music video, Nick says "Priyanka [Chopra] and Sophie [Turner] are both daredevils too." Nick continues the story about his wide and sister-in-law saying, "So Kevin, he was in the back saying 'I think we should chill' and they were like 'SHUT UP,' Nick said imitating them. Joe Jonas jumps in impersonating the two saying, "'The director will say cut.'" Poor Kevin couldn't get out of this one.....

This story and more in a new Jonas Brother interview with Maxwell and more! Watch above!

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