Love Is (Finally) In The Air | The Bachelor Finale Recap


What you're about to see will melt your heart.

The Finale

After a painful two-night finale full of breakups and question marks, Colton has finally found his perfect match.

Prior to finding out who ends up with the final rose, Colton confesses to both remaining women, Tayshia and Hannah G. that he is fully invested in his relationship with Cassie. The two left heartbroken and it hit Bachelor Nation hard. It was rough.

After sending both girls home in two depressing departures, Colton visits Cassie's hotel room to confess that he is 100% for Cassie. He shared with the California native that he sent the remaining girls home, leaving her just as shook as we were. Colton asked Cassie to visit his family who happens to be waiting for the couple in Spain. She considers taking it a step further to see if their relationship grows.


The two travel to Spain where Cassie meets the Bachelor's family. In the beginning, Cassie was extremely nervous to meet the family especially because she was confused regardless of what she wanted. Colton's parents soon realizes that she isn't fully invested in the relationship as much as their son is and they question whether it is the right decision for him to make. (Literally everyone from Bachelor Nation was on the same page) . Once they warm up, Cassie looks so much more comfortable and happy then she did in Portugal. After careful consideration and deep convos with Colton, his parents trust their son's opinion and only want what's best for Colton in the end.

After an adventurous date out in the mountains, Colton and Cassie receive the good ol' Chris Harrison fantasy suite card along with a key to the room. They both agreed to head into the fantasy suite where the camera crew was kicked out reeaaallll fast.

Colton (politely) kicked out production and cameras so the couple could have their own privacy for the night. Maybe they wanted to have a really intense game of checkers?! LMK. Once they kicked out the crew, they realized they were still mic'd...Thank god they caught that. LOL


The morning after is exactly how I want my life to be...I just need Colton. He serves Cassie breakfast in bed and I couldn't be more jealous. The couple looked really happy and when asked what Colton did that night, he said, "We did what was best for our relationship." Then, one of the producers asked to elaborate.

His response:

"A man never kisses and tells."


UMMMMM, millions of people are watching you on the #1 dating show in the country, you have to kiss & tell. Isn't it like in the contract??? Maybe not.

After the Final Rose

The couple was legit GLOWING. I couldn't stop smiling just as much as they were. During the After the Final Rose, Colton forgot to do one more important thing, giving Cassie the final rose! She ecstatically accepted it. Although the season didn't end with an engagement, the two are happily dating and enjoying each other's company.

To end the most INCREDIBLE season in the history of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison gets down to it and asks if Colton is still a virgin. The gentlemen he is, Colton respectfully shared that since the relationship now involves Cassie, he prefers to keep that part private. I'll take that as a "Nah, virgin no more." BOOYAH! As usual, Bachelor Nation had a lot to say and it was wild.


And The Bachelorette is...

Hannah B.

TBH, I really don't know how I feel about this. During Colton's season, I thought Hannah B was such a cutie but would often come off as annoying in a way. Typical Bachelor tradition, they brought out 5 of the 33 men vying for Miss Alabama's heart on live television! This is always fun. (Are you catching my sarcasm?) But, it was quite painful to watch. Maybe she was nervous but she didn't feel confident in what she was saying at all. She had trouble speaking to the batch of new bachelors. I think the guy that rapped to her said more words then she did during her segment on After the Final Rose. But, some entrances already made great impressions on Hannah and the viewers. Either way, it was awkward. I and the rest of Bachelor Nation were cringing.


Cue: "Time To Say Goodbye" By Andrea Bocelli

WELLLLLL, it's been an emotional and crazy ride this season. Honestly, wouldn't have wanted it any other way. This is hands-down my favorite season so far (and I've watched A LOT of them) Colton won my heart along with the rest of Bachelor Nation this season.


Before I go, I have something REALLY exciting to share.

Warning: You might need to sit down for this one, folks.


Words cannot even describe the experience I had the morning after the finale. I ended up meeting the happy couple at Good Morning America and I think my life is officially complete. After introducing myself as "Kali, Maxwell's Intern from Z100 New York," Colton immediately knew what I was talking about! He gave a special shoutout to Maxwell for putting his song collab with music group, O-Town on his #MaxwellApproved playlist. The song, Hello World is focused on the foundation he created, The Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation, where all of the proceeds from the single goes to research and medicine for patients suffering with Cystic Fibrosis.

Plug: Make sure to find that article on Maxwell's page to learn more about the vocals that Colton brought to the table!!

It was probably one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. (And I'm not just saying that because I'm a die-hard Bachelor fan...Although, that helps too) . Colton & Cassie were such genuine, down to earth individuals and I couldn't be more excited to see them grow as a couple. AND, if you were wondering....YES, Colton is even more good looking in person. I honestly didn't think it was possible. SHOOK

Me realizing Colton is even hotter in person:



One last final thing...This wouldn't be complete without Intern Leanne's 37 second Bachelor recap.

Enjoy the final one featuring BOTH of Maxwell's ROCKIN' interns. It's one you won't want to miss.



We hope you had as much fun as we did!!!

One last time...

Peace, Love & Roses

-Intern Kali & Intern Leanne ♡



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