Ariana Grande Is Selling “Stained” Shirt On Sweetener Tour

Need a Tide Stick, Ari?

Ariana Grande just kicked off her Sweetener Tour which means her merch is released and out for the world to see!! Fans took their reactions straight to Twitter but there was one shirt that had everyone talking. More specifically a stained shirt.

The shirt seems to have a blue stain with the words, "sweetener world tour" in the center. I can't help but notice the giant blob of blue dye. Take a look:


There have been mixed reviews involving the shirt especially because getting a stain on a shirt is a nightmare. But purposefully putting an awkward blue stain on the shirt is just weird. In a way, Twitter users were saying that the approach was meant for a tie-dye look. The price?

$65 bucks!!

Might as well put your own stain on it, right?

Is this a new trend? Because if it is, IDK if I'm here for it.



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