Top 5 Greatest Promposals Ever

IT'S #PROMSZN!!!! Whether you're still in high school or years out of it, prom season has become enjoyable for everyone who has internet access. Over the past few years, "promposals" have become all the rage, with a lot of them going viral every year. Now I'm sure we've all seen the typical poster board and spelling-out-"prom?"-in-food promposals, but every now and then someone goes really above and beyond and pulls off a promposal that's just impossible to say 'no' to. Here are five of the most clever, original, and over the top promposals ever.

The 'America's Got Talent' Promposal


I think even Simon cracked a smile.

The Promposal on 'Ellen'


Beautifully executed - but why did she think she was at Ellen though? 🤔

The Skydiving Promposal


I mean he LITERALLY jumped out of a I need to say anything else?

The Mapped Promposal


Now this one is just too clever to ignore. Plus - running 5.5 miles for someone? That's true love right there.

The Choreographed Promposal


Everything about this one makes me happy. The choreography. The umbrella-work. The entire school watching. Exquisite.

Now go forth and pull off the BEST. PROMPOSAL. EVER.



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