American Idol Proposal Had Katy Perry Crying Hysterically

If you missed last night's episode of American Idol, I'll catch ya up...

There was a surprise proposal!

After admitting how upset she was about her longtime boyfriend not being by her side during her performance due to final exams during his last semester of college, Johanna Jones confesses during her package on last night's episode that she is head over heels for her boyfriend, Matt. She believes he is "the one" The singer gets on stage and sings her heart out leaving the panel of judges stunned with a standing ovation.

As they applaud, her boyfriend appears on stage and she was in disbelief. Surprised at the most, he then gets down on one knee and asks for her hand in marriage. Her family cheers from the audience and it was a great day for the happy couple!

The video is being viewed everywhere and I'm not sure if it's because of the heartfelt proposal or Katy Perry's reaction to it. While watching it, I went back and forth from shedding a tear to laughing hysterically because of Katy's priceless reaction to it all. She admits that it was the "ugliest cry of my life" in one of her latest tweets:


Check out the full performance + the proposal!!



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