Billie Eilish Finally Got Scared By Ellen

Anyone who is a fan of Billie Eilish knows that leading up to her interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she was petrified of falling victim to one of Ellen's infamous scare pranks. The talk show host is famous for scaring and pranking her guests on air - and Billie was very vocal about her fear of what would happen when she finally became one of Ellen's victi-I mean guests. Well, today Billie was forced to face her fears. Ellen began her scheme by bringing up Billie's love for Justin Bieber, who had just recently started following her on Instagram. Now Billie is clever - and she was on high alert already. She even tried to peek into the large box next to her seat because she thought Ellen was going to surprise her with Justin Bieber. She even warned Ellen "you better watch yourself" when Ellen broke the news to her that Justin was not in fact there to surprise her. But Ellen is clever too, and a seasoned prankster to boot, and she expertly steered the conversation away from the obvious box on the floor, giving "Justin Bieber" the opportunity to finally jump out and scare Billie.

Honestly, I think Billie was more disappointed than scared. Poor girl really thought she was going to finally meet Justin Bieber. Don't worry Billie, I believe you guys will meet one day!

But Billie wasn't just on Ellen to get scared. She talked about her debut, record breaking album "When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go." The album broke the record for most pre-adds on Apple Music with a staggering 800,000+ adds.

You can watch the full scare below!



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