'Denim Underwear' Sold In France Has The Internet Talking


A store in France is selling a new item also known as 'Janties' (jean + panties) that is definitely getting some viral attention, not sure about the actual style trend. These underwear pretty much look like denim diapers and I'm pretty weirded out. They're made by Y/Project for the brand, 'Ssense' and cost $315. I'm sorry, how much?!?!

You can't even pay me $315 to wear them.


People had a lot to say about the underwear...


It's part of a collection they're launching called, 'Denim Five Ways' which features (normal) jean products and a denim skirt that's worth $2870. Mind. Blown. You can count me out of this. Stick to your Fruit of The Looms underwear, kids!



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