Maxwell's 3rd Annual March Sadness Bracket **UPDATE | THE FINALS**

Maxwell's March Sadness | #MMSB

We've come a long way and we're almost there, folks!! Who will win Maxwell's March Sadness Bracket? You had a say in who made it to the finals over at @InMaxwellsHouse on Instagram!

Here's what the bracket is looking like in the final round of #MMSB


TOMORROW - I announce the winner of the 2019 Maxwell's March Sadness Bracket.

Who will win?! Make sure you tell your friends and make your voice heard at @InMaxwellsHouse on Instagram!

If you need a refresher - these are the moments that made it to the FINALS and are in the running to become the SADDEST. MOMENT. EVER.

Saddest TV Moment

Will's Dad Rejecting Him | Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Saddest Movie Moment

Simba Trying to Wake Up His Dad | The Lion King



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