My Top 5 Sauces That Are Better Than "Kranch"

Currently gagging while writing this article but the show must go on.

Heinz just revealed another one of their VERY odd sauce combos and I'm staying FAR away from it.

Lets look at what they've come up recently...

MayoMust (Mayonnaise + Mustard)


MayoCue (Mayonnaise + BBQ)


And the newest addition...

Kranch (Ketchup + Ranch)

Yep...You guessed it:


Heinz just released their newest dressing with the combination of both mayonnaise & ranch. Im cringing.


To prove how gross Kranch is...

Here are the

Top 5 Sauces That Are Better Than "Kranch!!!"

1. Ketchup

2. Barbeque

3. Honey Mustard

4. Siracha

5. Regular Mustard

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Heinz combined all of these sauces together at some point, TBH!!

Annnnddd if they did:



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