Doug the Pug Recreates Music Video for Billie Eilish's 'Bad Guy'

Billie Puglish | Bad Guy

Doug the Pug just recreated Billie Eilish's music video for her song, 'bad guy' and he KILLED it. Posted on his Instagram, @itsdougthepug, it started out with the yellow wall that was also featured in the original video, Doug imitated the video which already has over 52M views on YouTube in the span of one week, so obviously he wanted to join in on the fun. He rocks Billie Eilish's signature blue hair, goggles that she wore in the video and the pug even strut her style in the Instagram video sporting a Louis Vuitton set that Eilish is known to wear. With the smash hit playing in the 30 second video, you can't help but smile and jam out to the video.

The caption, "I'm the bad pug (duh)" is followed by his account tagging the "when the party's over" singer but she has yet to respond.

Maybe they will do a music video collab in the future?! That would be pug-some...Get it, "awesome" but pug style..LOL okay bye.

You can watch 'Billie Puglish's' recreation video & the original music video below!!



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